Strange Clouds Over CERN Causing Concern: Portal To Another Dimension?

Something very unusal is happening in the vicinity of Geneva near the Large Hadron Collider and its maker, CERN. A video appeared on the World Wide Web showing strange clouds over the LHC. Is this a portal to another dimension or is this just a case of panic? The video is …read more Source:: Disclose […]

Giant Alien Statue Discovered In The Mountains Of Patagonia

A giant statue comprised of many smaller statues found in southern mountain ranges of Patagonia. I sent pictures of this 200 ft high discovery to numerous Chilean and Argentinian officials, as well as three prominent archaeologists who specialize in ancient South American cultures and haven’t received a response from anyone. There was, …read more Source:: […]

8.5 Mile Pyramid Found Under The Ocean, Ancient UFO Or Alien Base?

A huge pyramid structure has been fpund by Marcelo Irazusta in the Pacific Ocean. Is it a UFO or an ancient alien base on the ocean floor? You decide. The coordinates are 12 ° 8’1 . 49 “N 119 ° 35’26 . 39” W on Google Earth. Its a perfect pyramid that measures …read more […]

Anti Brexit Protesters with REAL audio

The entitled sjw special snowflake generation of brainwashed youth protesting outside parliament against the EU referendum result. They call us leave voters fascist and bigots but they cannot see that what they are doing is anti democratic and actually fascist … the double think is real! For all those informed UK people …read more Source:: […]

Mysteries on Mars: The number 81

A great find on the surface of Mars. The number 81 found by Marcelo Irazusta Will it be a proof of the existence of civilization on the Red Planet? This discovery adds to the many that clearly prove that Mars is a living planet. Coinciding with the number 58 found on …read more Source:: Disclose […]

Reptilian Alien Teleportation Filmed In Area 51

Alien reptilian filmed in 2010 near Area 51 in Nevada , this film was made by tourists near the area and besides the strange fact and the alien creature itself, is filmed also the time when the creature note the the human precencia near and at that time the …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

Real Flying alien over California 2016

Most of the flying humanoids are really a difficult mystery to solve. The story is as simple as told . Witnesses around the world report seeing in the skies around the world, not as UFOs or witnesses with flying saucer they consider to be secret and advanced in the …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

Russell Brand, Woody Harrelson, George Carlin and Dave Cappelle Talk About The Illuminati

Imagine this world from the big large picture in the sky. Every single citizen on Earth prescribed into a system that has them thinking about the following things. How much money I have, what do I own, how many children do I have, who will I love, who will I hate, …read more Source:: Disclose […]

How To DeBunk UFO Videos

If you did a search for UFO videos, you’re going to come across a gazillion results. Here’s the problem. For every real video footage out there, five of the claims are faked. The same goes for all sorts of videos in regards to things like paranormal activity and cryptozoology. There’s quite …read more Source:: Disclose […]

Two extortion victims of organized crime & The Luxury Companion – Charlie Sheen is one

It seems not only Charlie Sheen, but David Garrett now as well has made national and international headlines that involve an attachment to The Luxury Companion. Learn about The Luxury Companion and how it links to organized crime, trafficking and much more. Alexandra Mayers shares the history and current events …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]