A lost continent in the Atlantic Ocean?

A few months ago the Argentine researcher Marcelo Irazusta, published the discovery of two great pyramids very close to the coast of New York. Today strikes again with another amazing discovery. A few kilometers from those pyramids found two giant caves at the bottom of mar. The proximity of these structures …read more Source:: Disclose […]

This Could Be The Most Clear Video Footage Of The TR 3B Project

The video was recorded in Paris, France and shows the secret aircraft project T3 RB. Some say that video is a CGI hoax but that video has not been debunked by now. What do you think? …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

Writer Terminated By Huffington Post For Questioning Hillary Clinton’s Health

By simply linking a video that questioning Clinton’s health writer David Seaman was terminated by the Huffington Post. His contributorship AND articles were deleted without notice. That is censorship. …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

The Strangest Unidentified Unidentified Submerged Objects (USOs) Lurking In The Oceans

This is a collection of the 5 most mysterious USO or Unidentified Submerged Objects caught on film. What is lurking down there in our oceans. Aliens or animals? You decide! …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

The Flat Earth Myth Debunked

The idea that the Earth is flat has often been associated with stupidity. It was seen as something to be laughed at because it was so contrary to the evidence proving the reality was otherwise. However, recently an attack on this truth has been building, which appears to be a …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

The Best Footage of Mermaids Ever Taken

This video takes a look at some of the best documented instances of mermaids being captured on camera. From government officials supposedly removing the washed up body of a mermaid to a SCUBA diver’s terrifying encounter with a creature thought to be mythical, many people think that some of these …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

The Nightmare of Human Sexual Trafficking

Stephanie Olson, representative of the “Set me Free Project” is interviewed on “Unlock the Door” radio about how sexual traffickers lure young women into their clutches, how the elite facilitate this multi-billion-dollar enterprise and how many men and women are trapped in it. She also gives precautions to protect you …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

The 10 Strangest Moon Photos

Is there someone else on the moon? This video is a compilation of the 10 most mysterious pictures taken on the moon. …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

UFO Over Oklahoma, August 28, 2016

Eyewitness states: Captured this video near Chickasha Oklahoma on August 28, 2016. I don’t try to analyze what is going on in our skies. I just notice that it is strange, , not normal, and not how they use to be. …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

Black LIES Matter – breakdown by Anthony Brian Logan

The true breakdown of Black Lives Matter Movement. They perpetuate LIES that affect people like Colin Kaepernick, who then sits during the National Anthem. This episode is about how Colin Kaepernick Sits During National Anthem Because of Black Lives Matter. Colin Kaepernick is of mixed race, and was raised by white …read more Source:: Disclose […]