By Carolyn Shield You can’t talk about Oak Island without talking about the people who lived there …read more Source:: UFO Digest headlines       

Neonazis and Euromaidan: 'From Democracy to Dictatorship' [Stanislav Byshok & Webster Tarpley]

Webster Tarpley talks to Stanislav Byshok, author of Neo-Nazis & Euromaidan about the rebirth of fascism in Ukraine Stanislav Byshok of Moscow is one of the leading authorities on the rebirth of fascism in Ukraine in recent years. His background includes studies in psychology at Moscow State University, and …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

Billions of Locusts invade Madagascar Capitol

Billions of locusts swarmed Madagascars capital Antananarivo on Thursday, prompting residents and tourists to share photographs of the sudden insect invasion on Twitter, while experts worried about the effect on the country’s food 24 Time …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

Garland Shooting: ‘What Should We Think?’ [Paul Joseph Watson @ Infowars]

The mainstream media and liberals are bending over backwards not to offend Muslims in the aftermath of the Garland shooting. http://infowars.com Facebook @ https://www.facebook.com/paul.j.watson.71 FOLLOW Paul Joseph Watson @ https://twitter.com/PrisonPlanet …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

TV News report confirms ChemTrails’ BARIUM Levels, Congr. man Kucinich mentions chemtrails in 2001

Credit goes to people won’t believe it til TV tells them its the Now whats their excuse?Most interesting is that Kucinich mentioned chemtrails BY NAME in a 2001 congressional report. Yeah, it’s all in our OK. …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

How Does Fusion Power the Sun?

The Sun contains percent of all matter in the solar system. Under crushing pressure and extreme temperatures generated by gravity, the violent process of nuclear fusion powers the tremendous energy output of the sun. full episodes: to Science Channel: out SCI2 for infinitely awesome science videos. …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

Invisible Solar Cells That Could Power Skyscrapers

Silicon Valley startup Ubiquitous Energy is making the worlds first transparent solar cells, a technology that could greatly expand the reach of solar power. Their technology is an invisible film that can go on any surface and generate power, which could lead to cell phones and tablets that never run …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

10 Inventions You Shouldn’t Live Without

From a rotating bench to LED slippers, we take a look at 10 inventions you shouldn’t live :Some inventions we could all make useful of from day to day activities to electronic Social Media:Facebook: : : Coming soonGoogle Plus: +Top10Media/—————————————————————————————–Featuring:Password-protected USB driveLED slippersRotating benchOnion HolderUSB chargerBaby Stroller and Scooter …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

Daily UFO Headlines 5/5/15

By Jason McClellan Unseen Roswell UFO crash photos unveiled TODAY which ‘prove’ ALIENS exist – Daily Star Robert Conway Talks The Encounter – Dread Central Huge cigar-shaped UFO spotted hovering over Mexican volcano in strange video – Mirror George Clinton Believes Our Music Copyright Laws Are Broken … …read more Source:: Open Minds TV       

Dr Michael Wolf ★ UFO Alien Top Secret Space Technology ♦ Extraterrestrial Life Interview

http://www.387911.com Alien, UFO, Top Secret, Space, Technology, Extraterrestrial Life, Interview UPDT: 5/5/15 Learn about alien technology, cattle mutilation, UFOs and aliens in this top secret interview with Dr. Wolf. Dr wolf top secret UFO disclosure. Dr Michael Wolf ★ Alien UFO Top Secret Space Technology ♦ …read more Source:: Disclose TV