Did a youtuber actually solve the mystery of the istanbul rocketman?

I’m a big fan of ancient aliens so I know all about this piece. The famous Istanbul rocketman. an artefact from ancient turkey that some claimed was a carving of a spaceman in a rocket but after watching this video there is no doubt that that ufo proof …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

UFO PROOF with one of the best debunks EVER of secureteam10

An excellent debunk by UFOPROOF of secureteam10. He proves it was a meteor over Arizona . UFO PROOF is an awesome foul-mouthed researcher who really knows his shit. but for real one of the best things about his video’s is how fucking funny he is! He is …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

George Humphrey tak about life and reality

George Humphrey tak about life and reality like you have never heard it before. This guy is very clever and have a lot of good points about the world we live in and the universe. If all the cointelpro idiots here at disclose would just stop talking trash about Alex …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

NASA Fakes It’s Videos With Green Screens, Astronauts ( AstroNOT’s ) in Jolly Jumpers

So I deleted the previous video as well. For those of you who managed to last the unbearable time listening to that hack job edit of a video made, I’m sorry. I still stick to the jet engines in the background being over heard. You cannot tell me that this …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

Support the making of Horrormail

This video is part 3 documenting the making of Horrormail which will be a feature length anthology film; the world’s first one man anthology film directed, wrote and starring one person: S Rob. It is important to suppose this film so that future anthology films can be made and help …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

New World Order Exposed – [Top Secret] Must See Documentary

New World Order Exposed – [Top Secret] Must See Documentary Conspiracy theory NWO totalitarian world government New World Order Secretive power elite Globalist agenda Authoritarian world government All-encompassing propaganda Cabal political and financial World domination Secret political gatherings Decision-making processes. New World Order Exposed – [Top Secret] Must See Documentary Conspiracy theory …read more Source:: […]

Perpetual Victim Mode

We can only hope Child Services catches wind of the video with girlfriend in the car smoking weed with her little kid in the back seat while she does some video selfies. Does not matter what colour she is. The racial divisions, the prejudices and the hatred frustrates me just …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

Scary Footage of Supposed Alien

This scary video claims to depict a real alien that was caught on tape in a man’s house. The man himself says he was awoken by his dog. Instinctively, he grabbed his cell phone to record and followed his dog to the garage. In the garage, the man caught a …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

WTF Very Large Drone or UFO near IIT Mumbai, INDIA

IIT is similar to MIT of US. And maybe they were testing a very large drone or this BUS sized UFO was collecting information from Indian Institute of Technology. First hand witness described it very far yet very big, maybe close to the size of BST Bus (which is local …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

Hell’s Hole – Grand Canyon’s Secret Alien Civilization

You are about to experience Hell’s Hole for yourself… A hidden (Top Secret) alien civilization located near the Grand Canyon actually named – Hell’s Hole. Giant structures and alien beings abound in this area. It’s no surprise so many vast areas around there are off limits. The United States Government obviously knows about …read more […]