Mysterious Speeding UFO Filmed During Fighter Jets Airshow in Texas (Daytime)

Mysterious Speeding UFO During Airshow over Forth Worth (Texas). Date: April 22, 2016. Location: Forth Worth (Texas). About This Channel: FindingUFO YouTube Channel Uploads Daily Exclusive UFO Sightings, Breaking UFO News, Area 51 and Disclosure videos from around the World. Be Sure To Subscribe To Get Notified When A New Video is …read more Source:: […]

Alien – Human Base Operating In The South Pacific

Mururoa Atoll in the South Pacific remains one of France’s most isolated outposts… Nuclear tests have been taking place on this remote island since the 1960’s. This secluded location is guarded by the 5th Battalion of the French Foreign Legion along with the French Navy’s enforcement of a 12-mile exclusion zone …read more Source:: Disclose […]

In Russia, they found a strange stone shaped like a flying saucer

Russian ufology group went on an expedition, whose aim was to pull out of the ravine stone shape of a flying saucer. According to them, the area is known incidence of UFO and stone could be associated with phenomena. Four-meter stone disk was found in a ravine in the mountains Medvedskaja …read more Source:: Disclose […]

What makes a good life and how to be happy – This guy will tell you

Lessons from the longest study of hapiness. What keeps us happy and healthy as we go through life? If you think it’s fame and money, you’re not alone – but, according to psychiatrist Robert Waldinger, you’re mistaken. As the director of 75-year-old study on adult development, Waldinger has unprecedented access to …read more Source:: Disclose […]

Large Craft Hovers Over Delaware Neighborhood + More Stories

Very real, very weird news stories and UFO/paranormal sightings from just this past week. Curated by UFOJane from TexasUFOs. What’s featured: Large craft hovering over Delaware neighborhood, strange fireball over San Diego, mock sacrifice performed at CERN, Michelle Rodriguez tweets about UFOs, and other breaking news items from around the world …read more Source:: Disclose […]

Dr Edward Mantill , Has Cern casued two parallel worlds to collide ?

here are a set of videos that show some very strange things….. floating city’s, a place with 2 suns and a possible time bubble. could this be the start of the things that Dr edward Mantill talked about in the cern videos? for the ones that want to know the a new …read more Source:: […]

Rembrandt Art UPSIDE DOWN Reveals More Than Meets The Eye

Rembrandt’s “The Three Crosses” yr. 1653 reveals The Ram In The Thicket spiritual manifestation from Genesis Chapter 22 recorded over 2000+ years ago. This revelation was delivered in PERFECT timing, a sign by the Lord God Almighty of the coming deliverance of those that seek for a miracle from the …read more Source:: Disclose TV […]

Amazing UFO’S appear as people attempt to make contact with them

These are some fantastic ufo sightings That took place during the annual “contact in the desert” meet up. An awesome sighting that shows ufos reacting to high powered lasers and even coming to a dead stop it the middle of the sky. No this is not a dr. greer …read more Source:: Disclose TV       

NWO – The supression of god and never ending scientific nonsense

Another quite interesting video exposing all the complete and utter nonsense espoused by ms science and ms physicists and the community of decievers and decieved. Its very hard for anyone to even contemplate that what has been drummed into the mind from an early age could actually be fabrications passed of …read more Source:: Disclose […]

Alien interrogated at area 51 admits right wing fundamentalist set to destroy the human race

This video is supposedly of an alien being interviewed at area 51. it speaks about the future of man and how they are descendants of humans. We are their ancestors It claims to know how the universe was created and what happens to you after you die. Now …read more Source:: Disclose TV