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Good afternoon,

I am contacting you as I run a paranormal page concentrating currently on ufos. I am hosting a live discussion on my facebook page called " Let's Talk About it " My next show will debate the topic ufo's. Could you offer a comment that I may broadcast on the show. I am seeking some input from professionals such as your group. This is a link to the event page. I would be most grateful if you could private message me with some information I can share with my many viewers. LIVE EVENT PAGE LINK www.facebook.com/events/1693199990747111/ THIS IS MY PARANORMAL PAGE www.facebook.com/WORLDPARANORMALNEWS/ THIS IS MY PERSONAL PAGE
www.facebook.com/fintan.cullen Thank you for your time in relation to this matter

Fintan Cullen

Let's talk about it " Do ufo's exist

October 14, 2017, 8:00pm

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